GMC SUV Rumors Suggest Another SUV May Join Its Lineup

GMC SUV Rumors | Fort Wayne, IN

As far as the GMC SUV lineup goes, there’s a big gap between the GMC Acadia and the GMC Yukon in terms of size and price. According to recent rumors, that gap could be shrinking with the addition of a new model.

These reports suggest that GMC is preparing to introduce a new full-size SUV that will slot between the Acadia and the Yukon.

With previous generations of the GMC Acadia, the model used to be a lot closer to the overall size of its larger Yukon cousin. The previous generation of the GMC Acadia measured 200.8 inches long and 78.9 inches wide. However, when GMC introduced the latest version of the Acadia, the model’s overall size decreased to 193.6 inches in length and 75.4 inches wide.

Since then, automotive buyers have shown an increased appetite for larger SUVs. Seeing as how the Acadia continues to sell very well for the class it occupies, it might make a lot more sense for GMC to introduce another SUV model to take over the previously vacant spot in the GMC SUV lineup, so these GMC SUV rumors seem plausible.

Considering how much the GMC brand has grown in recent years, we here at Tom Kelley Buick GMC would be excited to see another SUV join the GMC family in the future. Until then, check out the current GMC SUVs we have in stock.