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Buick Wins With Most-Watched Car Commercial of 2019

most-watched car commercial | Fort Wayne, IN

If you’ve turned on a television set at any time in your life, then you’ve probably been exposed to a car commercial at some point. Automotive companies keep producing these advertisements because they work, and Buick’s commercial was the king of them all with its “Mistaken Identity” commercial named the most-watched car commercial of 2019.

Throughout the commercial, several people are looking for a Buick vehicle, whether it’s because they’re a valet or they’re just setting up a carpool. However, they misidentify the vehicle, due to the fact that the Buick that they are looking for is much more opulent and streamlined then what they’re initially expecting. The entire ad speaks to the new design language that Buick has adopted.

You can watch the TV spot in its entirety down below:

By the end of the year, this commercial had accumulated 5.7 billion television impressions. What’s even more impressive is that Buick was able to accomplish this feat without having to shell out all that much money.

In all, the total cost of producing and distributing the commercial cost $31.7 million. While that may sound like a lot, the cost of the most expensive individual car commercials last year reached up to $60.4 million.

Of course, you don’t need a commercial to see just how different the new Buick lineup looks. Take a trip to Kelley Buick GMC and see for yourself.