4 Best Thanksgiving Dishes That Travel Well

best Thanksgiving dishes that travel well | Fort Wayne, IN

Across the country, American families are preparing to spend Thanksgiving with the people they love. If your Thanksgiving plans involve driving to your destination with food to share, we have a few suggestions on the best Thanksgiving dishes that travel well.


No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without dinner rolls. Bread is a food that travels incredibly well since it can be kept at room temperature. If you don’t want to make rolls, you can try a seasonal bread flavored with pumpkin, cranberries, or nuts.


Like bread, most desserts don’t require being kept warm or cold. Bake some cookies or bars, and you can easily and safely store them in a plastic container. If you want to bring a pie, we recommend you get a pie carrier so it doesn’t spill or get squished.


If you aren’t travelling far to dinner, a casserole is a sturdy dish that will help save your host some time. Bake it right before you leave and keep it well-insulated with towels or an insulated bag to keep it warm.

Cranberry Sauce

This Thanksgiving staple is easy to make from scratch and travels well if it is kept in a tightly sealed container. You can always spice up the recipe with some new flavors.

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